Welcome to My World

Posted by on Jun 7, 2015 in Blog


Howdy Folks

IMG_4199 Welcome to my world, come on a journey with me through my experiences. I am currently working full time as a Dominatrix, I am the Shop Manager at Divine Canvas Bespoke Tattoo and a fully fledged Lunatic. (not medically diagnosed before you start ponting me toward the nearest looney bin) 13151819_499730226897113_7345863602904512836_n I am training to be a fully qualified Piercer, I am a student at the London Fire Performers School and I make it my mission to attend at least one Ariel Fitness or Pole class per week. (how ese do I keep the doughnuts off my butt) A bit of history, I am a film producer/ photographer and have so many skills it's hard to list them. Lets just say I am nothing and everything. metatrons cube COVER